Silica sand in Egypt

silica sand extraction’s locations:

there are two main locations of high-quality silica sand first of which is Zaafrana
red sea as well as north and south Sinai. The reserves in Zaafrana area and Sinai
are over thousands of million tons of high-quality silica sand.

Our group TAS Florence exports around 250000-300000 metric ton of silica sandannually. We supply and export silica to overseas Customers through different
seaports in Egypt. We produce Top quality silica sand in Egypt which is
manufactured and used for many applications including but not limited to: glass
production, water treatment systems, tableware production, making solar panel
sheets, crystal industries, porcelain industry, melamine industry, casting and
molding metal system, making foundries and artificial grass according FIFA

Tas Flowrance Group 

TAS Flowrance is a qualified hard-working company which produces high level of
chemical & sieves quality-controlled silica sand (white sand) for low prices for our
TAS Flowrance company have standard export packing silica sand such as: jumbo
bags new or second hand, polyethylene waterproof 50 kg bags as well asbulk silica
sand in vessel upon customers request (different size silica sand will be produced
upon customers requests & our mine silica sand availability).
TAS Flowrance samples silica sand upon customers requests for free with MSDS,
we are definitely pleased to receive your inquiry or query 24/7

silica sand in Egypt
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