The Company Strategy


Tas Flowrance strives for just-on time delivery for small and large volumes to your value factory with high quality and reasonable prices. demonstrate.

Exports and Supplies silica sand, limestone ,phosphate ,gypsum, iron Oxide,dolomite. For Minerals and Fertilizers we mainly focus on silica sand Egypt (white sand) filtration sand and gravel, calcium carbonate Powder or Lumps , phosphate rock, Quartz. Silica sand and gravel, phosphate Fertilizers,single super phosphate SSP ,Di-ammonium phosphate DAP Triple super phosphate TSP and we also Supply to local market manufacture


TAS Flowrane is looking for promoting the products of Egypt beside the achievements of the projects reflected in economic returns that support the national income by providing foreign currency to it.

TAS Flowrance Providing work opportunities to a big number of youth through working in.Company Management. Youth numbers are increased in gradual proceeding with extended activities that entail the providing of new work opportunities to other numbers of youth and that need professionals in the management, accounting, following-up and supervising the exporting level sectors as well as preparing the items to export.


In the light of a vital study and an accurate analysis of all the requirements of the project aiming from it and through its' activities to have a group of targets on top of which are.

First: The investment of the mineral wealth that Egypt is blessed with. Such as: silica sand, quartz , rock phosphate , talc calcium, carbonate Powder or Lumps, phosphate Fertilizers,single super phosphate (SSP),Di-ammonium phosphate (DAP),Triple super phosphate (TSP) for low prices for our customers. Second: Contributing in the marketing process in scientific courage and with economical understanding through exporting.


TAS grantees to customers high quality control for the products through a qualified team.

TAS guarantees best service of shipping through the biggest shipping, vessel owner for break bulk , delivery on time as plan.TAS refunds the payment if there is something related the quality and the customers not the bad use of products. TAS refunds the quantity shortage or any issues related the quality of packing. TAS keens on establishing long business relation with customers and is concerned with our reputation in the worldwide market, as well as high satisfactory rate with all our customers , suppliers , traders and sub-contractor partners.
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Fertilizer Products

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