What We believe

Our portfolio is diverse, global, and integrated across the value chain which provides multiple competitive advantages, which in turn, are passed on to our clients we believe that mutual respect is the foundation for relationships and how we conduct business. At Tas Flowrance, we understand and appreciate people’s differences and we work hard to build an environment that facilitates strong, meaningful relationships.
We also understand the deepest needs and provide the solutions that support the success of our customers. Moreover, with its service people, Tas Flowrance can cover the full requirementsof market.

About us

TAS Flowrance is specialized in the mining sector, Tas Flowrance is one of the biggest exporters of raw materials in Egypt especially in Silica sand, our company was established back in 2005 to cover the activities of Raw Materials and Fertilizers products.
According to the company’s strategy our main objective is to provide products that will guarantee our customers’ satisfaction with an appropriate level of environmental protection. Inaddition, we invest in logistics, processing, and transport.
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We are committed

We are committed to provide all of our services in full compliancy with all laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. We choose to do business with suppliers, buyers, agents and other business partners who meet
our ethical and compliant standards.
As a result, the commodities ordered arrive on time and without damage. We work with the best inspection companies that check the quality of the transported commodities. All products have the appropriate approvals and tests.
For Minerals we mainly focus on Silica Sand and we also export:
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