About us

TAS Flowrance: Your Trusted Partner for Raw Materials

Founded in 2005, TAS Flowrance is a leading Egyptian exporter of high-quality raw materials. We specialize in the mining sector, with silica sand being our core product.

Customer Satisfaction & Sustainability

At TAS Flowrance, we’re committed to exceeding customer expectations. We deliver products that guarantee satisfaction while upholding responsible environmental practices.

Investing in Efficiency

We understand the importance of a seamless supply chain. That’s why we continuously invest in logistics, processing, and transportation to ensure efficient and reliable deliveries.

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What We believe

Building Relationships, Delivering Success

At TAS Flowrance, we believe in fostering strong partnerships built on mutual respect. We celebrate diversity and create an inclusive environment where collaboration thrives.

Your Success is Our Priority

Our diverse, global portfolio offers a wide range of high-quality raw materials, integrated across the entire supply chain. This translates into multiple advantages for you, our valued customer. We go beyond simply supplying products; we take the time to understand your specific needs and deliver solutions that empower your success.

Your One-Stop Shop for Raw Materials

With our dedicated team and comprehensive offerings, TAS Flowrance is your trusted partner, equipped to address all your raw material requirements.


We are committed

Ensuring Quality and Ethical Practices

At TAS Flowrance, we prioritize integrity and compliance. We operate in strict accordance with the laws and regulations of every country we work in. We meticulously select our partners – suppliers, buyers, agents, and others – ensuring they uphold the same ethical and legal standards we do.

This commitment translates to a seamless experience for you. Your orders arrive on time and undamaged. We collaborate with leading inspection companies to verify the quality of every shipment, and all our products possess the necessary certifications and undergo rigorous testing.

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Our mission

Our Mission: Delivering Quality and Unlocking Egypt’s Resource Potential
At TAS Flowrance, our mission is twofold:
Reliable Supply Chain, Exceptional Value: We strive to provide just-in-time deliveries, ensuring your valuable operations receive high-quality minerals at competitive prices, regardless of order volume.
Harnessing Egypt’s Resources for Global Success: We are committed to responsibly utilizing Egypt’s rich mineral resources – marble, granite, silica sand, limestone, kaolin, phosphate, gypsum, dolomite, and iron oxide. This focus allows us to establish a strong reputation for excellence in the global marketplace.
Extensive Product Portfolio – Meeting Your Needs
We offer a comprehensive selection of carefully processed and graded minerals, including:
Industrial Minerals: Silica sand (white sand), filtration sand and gravel, calcium carbonate (powder or lumps), limestone, kaolin, dolomite, and gypsum.

Fertilizers: Silica sand and gravel, phosphate fertilizers (SSP, DAP, TSP), and quartz.


Vision: Empowering Egypt Through Sustainable Growth

TAS Flowrance envisions a future where we:

Champion Egyptian Exports: We strive to be a leading force in promoting Egyptian-made products on the global market.
Driving Economic Prosperity: Our success translates to Egypt’s success. We aim to generate significant foreign currency, contributing to the nation’s economic well-being.
Investing in Our Youth: We are committed to creating job opportunities for young Egyptians. As our operations expand, we plan to offer a growing number of positions in management, accounting, export logistics, and other vital areas.

Our Goals

Our Goals: Maximizing Value for Egypt and Our Customers
TAS Flowrance operates with a clear set of goals designed to benefit both Egypt and our valued customers:
Unlocking Mineral Wealth: We are dedicated to responsible utilization of Egypt’s abundant mineral resources, including silica sand, quartz, rock phosphate, talc, calcium carbonate, and phosphate fertilizers. By offering these resources at competitive prices, we aim to create value for our customers.
Expanding Global Reach: We are committed to scientific marketing and strategic market analysis. Our goal is to expand Egyptian marble and granite exports to new markets in the Americas, European Union, China, and beyond.
Promoting Egyptian Excellence: We strive to showcase Egyptian capabilities on the world stage. We export high-quality marble and granite that adheres to the strictest international standards, solidifying Egypt’s position as a global competitor.

OUR Guarantees

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority
At TAS Flowrance, we are committed to exceeding your expectations and building long-term partnerships. Here’s how we guarantee your satisfaction:
Unwavering Quality Control: Our dedicated team ensures the highest quality standards for all our products through rigorous inspections.
Reliable Shipping & On-Time Delivery: We partner with leading shipping companies to deliver your orders efficiently and exactly when you need them.
Quality Guarantee: We stand behind our products. If you experience any quality issues that are not a result of product misuse, we will provide a full refund. This applies to both the quantity of the product and any problems with the packaging.
Building Long-Term Relationships: We value your business and strive to establish trust with all our partners – customers, suppliers, traders, and subcontractors. Our goal is to achieve a consistently high satisfaction rate across the board.
Transparency and Certifications: We are committed to transparency. While we await an update to our certificates, we are happy to provide any additional information you may require about our quality control procedures.

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