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silica sand

In Egypt there are two main locations of high quality
silica sand 1st, Zaafrana – red seaand the 2nd, north and south Sinai , The reserves in Zaafrana area and Sinai are over thousands million ton of high quality silica sand . which supply the glass industries , paints , foundries chemicals,   ceramics More…


Quartz is the rock known under the name of
el Marw. It is named after the metal that makes
it to signify its blocking nature. The bigger part
of it is used in the production of iron ingots (ferrosilicon ingot). The ground material is used
in the making of ceramics, but as for the transparent quartz, it is used for electronic purposes and radar as well as optics since certain types of it produce lenses, slices and
light prisms
. More…

Phosphate Rock

Phosphate rock is a sedimentary rock contains high amounts of phosphate bearing minerals and remains of vertebrate bones.
TAS Flowrance for mineral one of TAS Group produce phosphates with P2O5 30 % and 28 % in jumbo bags or small bags or bulk as customers requested


We produce high quality of Egyptian limestone directly from our quarry to worldwide customers. Our purity and whiteness consider one of the best limestone in all over the world. W can produce deferent grain size as customer request . the uses of limestone glass industries , paints , chemical industries, cement , steel , fiber  industry , fiber glass industry and many other industry. More…


Dolomite is calcium – magnesium carbonates, located in Egypt at Sadat area 30 km south Suez governorate and Ataqa area in Suez. There are 3 types of dolomite: industrial dolomite, construction dolomite and steal dolomite. Dolomite called also dolostone , dolomitic limestone or magnesium limestone. The uses of dolomite is glass industries , pip , fiber glass and other chemical industries. More…



kaolin, also called china clay, soft white clay
that is an essential ingredient in the manufacture
of china and
porcelain and is widely used in the making of paper, rubber, paint, and many other products. More…


We produces and export deferent types of Egyptian gypsum uses for deferent industries such as gypsum board , plaster of Paris building panels and fiber glass our source in South Sinai which consider richest whiteness and highest purity area in Egypt. More…


Feldspar is used in various industries, but it is mainly used in thermal industries such as in the making of pottery, porcelain, faience, glass and metal painting through functioning enamel. A little amount of it, not more than 10 %, is used for other purposes like the filling materials, painting and for the making of some sorts of soap and also use for glass industry , porcelain and ceramics.


It mainly contains hydrated magnesium silicates and is found in the shape of lenses or veins inside the rocky base, especially the base and upper-base veins. The dimensions of raw bodies amount to 80 m. high and 50 m. wide and range from 20 m. to 5 m. in thickness.  More…


CaF2. Calcium Fluoride is a water insoluble Calcium source for use in oxygen-sensitive applications, such as metal production. In extremely low concentrations (ppm), fluoride compounds are used in health applications. Fluoride compounds also have significant uses in synthetic organic chemistry. They are commonly also used to alloy metal and for optical deposition.


Egypt consider one of the biggest country produces and exports deferent color of Marble especially , White , Beige and yellow marble, We produce deferent  standard size of tile Such as 30X30 Cm, 30 X60 , 60x60  with thickness 2 cm. we also produce slab deferent size for flooring and walls as customers Size requests. We have deferent treatment methods especially for our customers


Aswan is regarded as one of the most famous places where granite exists and is used as an ornament stone. Egyptian granite takes its fame for the beauty of its colors. There are pink red, dark red (Aswan granite), gray and black granites. It is also possible to extract big blocks of it free of cracks. The ancient Egyptians used it in the making of obelisks, statues and other monuments.


Sandstone is found in the shape of layers that range in thickness. It consists of adjacent granules distinguished for its various colors as including iron oxides. Sandstone is used in construction activities, coating Nile bridges, making millstones, whetting weapons and sometimes is used for décor.


Filtration sand

Silica sand and gravel has widely uses in the field of purification of the water and treatment of the
drainage water


iron oxide
Iron oxide one of the important deposit product in Egypt , which founded in Aswan , Sinai and western desert , there are different grades of iron oxide in Egypt with different colors, red , yellow and black but the biggest deposit in red color
TAS supply iron oxide high quality as the below chemical analysis report:-More…
Is a mixture of iron oxide and titaniumThe proportion of iron in which 36.8% which is lower percentage of iron in any of the other materials is not included ilemnite within the iron ore basic, but it is a secondary source of iron, as is the case in Canada where it is used as the main source for the production of titanium extracted and used iron oxide remaining as a secondary source for the production of iron smelting and reduction For this reason will be stated in detail ilemnite ore at the mention of raw titanium.More…


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